Gareth Edwards

The Laughter Guy a.k.a. Gareth Edwards

It’s rumoured The Laughter Guy was born laughing.

Some say he laughs more before breakfast than most people manage in a whole day. And legend tells of a marathon ‘snort’ session that caused small dogs in a 3 mile radius to howl the national anthem.

No-one knows for sure.

What we do know is he has brought ‘real laughter’ to thousands, from all walks of life. From chuckling CEOs to howling hippies, from burbling babies to giggling grannies The Laughter Guy leaves no funny bone un-tickled.

With a BSc Hons in Psychology and over 15 years working in Mental Health, The Laughter Guy trained and qualified in Dr. Kataria’s Laughter Yoga.

He now runs workshops, trainings and MCs events to show people how to reconnect to ‘real laughter’.

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