Gabrielle Harris

Gabrielle Harris, the content and mindful writer and teacher, is one of 2019 finalists in the Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit awards.

Author of the popular Facebook page Yin New Zealand, Gabrielle has been practicing yoga for over ten years. Her writing has been featured in Yoga Journal, Mind Body Green and various other publications. Her teaching and writing inspiration arise from over 1000 hours of studying with some of the world’s leading teachers in both the yin and yang world.

Ten years ago, while searching to resolve the dissatisfaction Gabrielle felt with her life, she started teaching and practicing yoga. Gabrielle’s yoga life started with a hard and fast-paced yoga in a heated room. This only made her feel tired and drained of energy. After discovering Yin Yoga things began to shift. Over the subsequent years this feeling of ‘things not being enough’ and ‘something better’ gradually fell away. Patience, seeing a bigger picture of life, the feeling of general happiness, and contentment began to fill the void.

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