Fiona Ingram

Fiona is an educator, choreographer and musician. Throughout her career teaching thousands of students of all ages, Fiona has been on a personal mission to find ways to promote mind, body and spirit connection in the world of mainstream workplaces and educational institutions. This mission has had two aims: firstly, to keep herself sane (!!!), and secondly, to improve the well-being and outcomes for her students, clients and colleagues. This journey led Fiona to discover research about people with High Sensitivity.

The trait of High Sensitivity is found in 15-20% of the human population and can have a huge effect on one’s journey in the world of work. You might be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) if you:
• Get easily overwhelmed when you try to do too many things at once.
• Feel things intensely and have a high level of empathy.
• Change your career direction or social activities more often than others.
• Are creative and moved by art and music.
• Think about things a lot and deeply, and feel strongly about the importance of the values of a workplace or organisation.

This workshop will cover what it means to be an HSP and how to live and work successfully with the trait – including how to deal with Overwhelm and how to relate to the rest of the population. The workshop will also look at the special gifts of empathy and perception that HSP people bring to the world.

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