Emma Crawford

I am passionate about yoga and meditation and I believe in their transformative qualities. I study, practice, live and share yoga and meditation whenever I can! I love what I do and I do what I love. I teach from the heart and from experience. I have been teaching all over the globe for over a decade. I founded Bay Yoga (www.bayyoga.nz) Golden bay’s first Community Yoga Shala, a place to meet and study yoga. We offer multiple and creative ways to go inwards and boost your vital energy.
I love yoga. To me yoga is a tool I can use to see clearer, act smarter and love harder. I do Yoga to stay calm, create good karma and to be real. I live Yoga to stay flexible in mind as well as body and to stay healthy in body as well as heart. Think of the toothbrush, it’s a tool you use daily. Yoga is a tool that I use daily. I love its effects as much as I love clean teeth.
I am a straight talking London raised 2nd generation Jamaican. I believe in truth, kindness and human potential and I believe that presence can lead us to each of these qualities.
For more information about my ongoing studies and teaching experiences please visit : http://www.emmapresent.org/about

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