David Zencominierski

David Zencominierski is a multi-skilled generalist from Germany on a quest to return to the whenua. Facilitating Sound Journeys is a passion amongst other things such as building, sailing and making beeswax candles. He is a student of master plant medicines, sound healing and the mysteries of life. David has been facilitating sound journeys since 2018 and he has recently launched DZ-Pure Beeswax Candles. A sustainable business focused on using local resources to bring more light into the world through candle making. The combination of the two branches creates a beautifully unique atmosphere in the space he holds.

Davids’ sound journeys are intuitive and dominated by the ancient yidaki (didgeridoo) and medicine drum alongside a dozen other instruments. He receives his inspiration from the diverse animal sounds and the beating of the natural rhythms of nature. Regularly assisting in and co-creating locally held ceremonies with different plant medicines allow him to authentically connect with papatuanuku in sacred spaces while sharing his gifts. He will also start assisting tane during rights of passage at Highden Temple as a way to empower, heal and re-connecting the global brotherhood.
David is a creative, heart-lead and playful craftsman in the physical and meta-physical realm excited to share his uniqueness with others.

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