Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson has written a book, ‘The Magic of the Akashic Records Understanding Our Soul Journey.’ www.themagicoftheakashicrecords.com and is working on her second book about the transformative power of the Records.
Chris lives in Wellington, New Zealand and has a teaching diploma as well as a Master of Arts (hons) degree in History. Her career has taken her from mainstream secondary schools to prisons, social work, alternative education, public speaking and writing and running workshops.
From 1999- 2013 she developed and facilitated her conscious parenting course, The Heart to Heart Course for Parents. Her work with parents and families and experiences as a wife and mother of three children have made her interested in the soul dynamics and connections between people and within families, in particular. With permission, she is now able to access the soul records of others and is using this information to build on her previous work.
A common thread in Chris’s working life has been the empowerment of others by promoting self-awareness and acceptance and facilitating healing from within. Since she learned to access the Akashic Records she has been able to take her service work to a new level by helping others to understand their lives from a soul perspective.
As well as giving readings from the Akashic Records, Chris runs workshops teaching others how to access the Akashic Records to:

(1) Obtain information. (2) For personal healing. (3)Connect with past life talents and abilities. (4) Read for others. and how to access the quantum energy of the Records for healing and transformation.


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