Caitlin Welsh

Caitlin is an international Music performer of world music and mantras. Inspired by love and nature, and her gift taming wild horses, she creates music, inspires others and changes beliefs.
“Positivity and liberation by sound vibrations is easy, relaxing and powerful,” she says, “Nada Yoga reaches deep into our being, and dissolves all blocks and inhibitions of the mind.
The key to attract abundance and create our dreams, is meditation on these inner sounds.
Mantras change our thought patterns. A simple practice with sacred mantras rejuvenates our mind, body, and spirit.
Creating our Reality by positive Empowerment enables us to Be aligned with success, set powerful intentions, for health and well-being, and creativity.
I love life! I live a sustainable lifestyle and inspire people worldwide.
My workshops uplift those who wish to change their thoughts, and reshape their lives for a positive future.”

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