Bascha Meier

As a Visionary, Wisdom Keeper, and Transformation Catalyst, Bascha has a unique gift to ‘see’ what’s missing or what’s needed for individuals and the group ‘fields’ they move in. She facilitates with great love and integrity, diving deep into the multi-dimensional realms of the Morphogenic Energy Field to bring invisible ancestral entanglements to light, allowing for re-alignment of the matrix. Her focus at this time is also to assist those transitioning to the New Earth energies, re-membering and re-calibrating to who they authentically are as consciousness expands. Bascha (NZ born) has spent 25 years Internationally facilitating Family Constellation Work, training and working alongside renowned Indigenous Elders, Leaders in higher Consciousness . She places great value also on rich life experiences and intuitive wisdom. As an Energy Medicine Woman, she is often called to the land, to the people, where alchemic shifts and healing are needed. Bascha weaves in sound healing, music and somatic experiencing.

As a potent transformative and ‘breakthrough’ process, Constellations are a way of recognizing and clearing imprints on the 3rd dimension, opening the portal to the field of universal love on 4th & 5th dimensions. They support individuals and couples with real-world problems and conflicts to gain awareness of the forces that divide and attune to the natural world’s desire for human life to thrive in the flow of love.
Whatever personal or work issues we are faced with, the Field reveals the hidden dynamics and familial loyalties we have that often hold us back from authentic success, joy and wellness in all areas of our life. Join Bascha Meier, Energy Medium and Family Constellation facilitator (25 years exp), in this experiential Introduction Workshop to learn about ‘Orders of Love’, Ancestral ties, Epigenetics, Heart Intelligence, tapping into the Morphogenic Energy field to re-align the matrix as we move from root cause to resolution.


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