Original acoustic sounds two peace….Dee and Haze enlighten and uplift with thought provoking positive vibrations and lyrics. Haze voted southand entertainer of the year 2011 has been performing for 27years hypnotizing crowds with deep awakening music…unplugged or plugged Haze is wizard majik when his fingers merge with the guitar…not to be missed … vocally wow!
Dee … poet …author and wordsmith woman … songs written intune with earth, people…with love….Lyrics that reach undoubtedly… everyone, on some level…connected to the cosmo’s the animated and captivating performance and back up vocals by Dee together with Haze make ‘ Bard,oi ‘ the Bard was the story teller in times long past yet not forgotten.
Bardoi perform live at concerts, ceremonies, back yard bbq’s, full moon gatherings…indeed anywhere where unification with music can occur.

Telephone: 5485777
email: [email protected]

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