Annemieke Harmonie

Annemieke Harmonie was born and raised in Holland. She has learnt the harp since she was nine. From a young age she was asked to perform for people in rest homes, churches, in restaurants, schools etc.
She graduated as a primary school teacher and then traveled the world with her backpack and her Celtic Harp.
She visited many different cultures and was inspired by their customs and arts and music.

Annemieke started  harp schools in Auckland, Dunedin and now Nelson and has made three meditation CD’s with Janine Joyce, and also her CD with her own harp compositions.

In 2010 Annemieke and her three children moved to Nelson, after traveling through New Zealand to find a good place to live and a bit warmer then Dunedin…

They were warmly welcomed in Nelson, the markets enjoy the harp sounds of their busking, and many people came out of the wood works with either home made harps, or dreams of wanting to learn to play the harp since child hood.
The harp school has now grown to 23 members, and 11 of them are in the orchestra. The age group she teaches is very wide and 100 years old is not too old!
Healing comes naturally when we are in alignment with the forces of our inherent nature.There are many things in our lives that can throw us off balance, or block our natural flow. I am trained to help you to identify those areas and help release the stuck energies so you can make your shift into a higher frequency of being.Life can feel much lighter and easier when we let go of old energies and patterns that we have outworn. I am here to help!

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