Annemieke Harmonie

Annemieke Harmonie (Bachelor of Education, Dip of Teaching, Dip of Shiatsu, ConTact C.A.R.E student practitioner) was born and raised in Holland. She has learnt the harp since she was nine. From a young age she was asked to perform for people in rest homes, churches, in restaurants, schools etc.
She graduated as a primary school teacher and then traveled the world with her backpack and her Celtic Harp.
She visited many different cultures and was inspired by their customs and arts and music. She performed worldwide in castles, palaces, monasteries, museums, at wineries, on beach weddings, at funerals, in churches, at festivals, for prime ministers, and recently for the governor general of NZ.

​Annemieke started a harp school in Auckland in 1995, and they traveled with 15 harpists to Great Barrier Island and Waiheke Island for local performances.
Quite an ordeal with all those harps on the boat…but what a divine surprise for the local residents!

She traveled to festivals through new Zealand and introduced her harp meditations, where she combined her writing and musical gifts into journeys to help people tune deeper into them selves and heal at a very deep level.

In 1999 Annemieke moved to Dunedin, and during the next 12 years she had three children and ran the Dunedin harp school and orchestra. She made several CD’s.

In 2010 Annemieke and her three children moved to Nelson, after traveling through New Zealand to find a good place to live and a bit warmer then Dunedin…they enjoy growing their own organic food.
Currently Annemieke runs Harmonie Harp School in Nelson, and her Harp Orchestra with 15 members, who will perform on Sat. 26 Oct at 3 pm in the Richmond Town Hall, and on Sat 2 Nov at 3 pm at the NCMA in Nelson.

She also practices ConTact C.A.R.E and intuitive healing.

Her memoir was published recently;

This book presents her story, one filled with initiations, challenges, adversity and magic. From an early age, Annemieke tried to make sense of this world and to find out who she is and why others can’t see what she does. Her connection with the natural world became her guide. A musician from the age of nine, she traveled through the world with her harp and visited a wide variety of places. She finally settled far from her homeland, in New Zealand, where she raised and home schooled her three children on her own. Through both music and various healing modalities, Annemieke found ways to reach out to others and make this world a better place for all.
In this memoir, one woman shares her life story, describing a challenging life worth living that calls forth love and inspiration in those around her.
Annemieke is dreaming up and implementing new realities, where happiness, love, health, beauty and peace exist for everyone, every day. Where people believe in their dreams again and have the courage to be different.

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