Andrew Forrest

Andrew Forrest.
I’m an artist, composer and writer, currently living in beautiful Nelson, at the top of the south island, New Zealand.
I’ve always been passionate about creating beauty, upliftment and expansion, through the mediums of painting, music and writing.
My first music composition was ‘Octaves of Infinity’, released in 1992.
Since then there have been 9 further CD’s, the most recent being ‘One’, released earlier this year.
The music is performed mostly on keyboards, although I’ve added Tibetan bowls, chimes, voices, guitars and flutes on many tracks.
Although I’m reluctant to define the music genre, the energy that comes through on each recording is typically high-frequency, healing, transforming, meditative, and emotionally engaging. I have been very fortunate to touch so many people through the powerful medium of music, which hopefully resonates with an immediacy that only sound can do.
The intention behind this music is to facilitate a remembering and direct experiencing of the timeless, infinite, unlimited reality of unity or Oneness that we all are. In a world of seemingly increasing division, conflict and high-stress, has there ever been a better time to awaken to our true nature?…and to see that, indeed, we are all ONE!

If you come to either of the listening ‘sound-bath’ workshops in the Evolve Festival Theatre, please bring yoga mat/blanket/small head pillow/eye pillow for maximum comfort and relaxation:)

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