Ananda (Gareth Lamb) is a Zenthai Shiatsu practitioner and Zenthai Flow Yoga Teacher.
With two decades of various yoga practices he believes that this modality with its focused intention, totality, heartfulness, and his ability to hold sacred space is where the healing takes place.
Join me in reconnecting the body, mind and spirit back to source thru the elements of nature, aligning the intention with the breath and movement to allow the transformation and freedom to unfold.

To start/warm up the workshop we will do some basic Zenthai Shiatsu yoga postures and run through the meridians, basic organs and some anatomy.
During this workshop the festival punters will partner up on yoga mats and be guided by myself through a focused intention 90 minute sequence where I will demonstrate, then allow time for them to mirror as I gently guide the movements and connections, also supported by an assistant. The focus will be on ‘hollow bamboo’ where I will encourage them to be a portal for healing touch rather than the fixer.
We will work with the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of the meridians and the elements along with Zen Shiatsu acupressure points and techniques. This is a rare opportunity to learn how to safely use hands, feet, knees etc as part of the healing arts.
Both partners will give and receive a treatment and have time towards the end to have a “play” with what we have just shared. This workshop is a fun and meaningful way to learn, share and connect with friends, partners and the community.


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