Alison Ramsay

Alison is a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach. Her passion for health and self-development began in her teens and has continued voraciously for the last 20 years. After University exploring human biology alongside her fine arts degree, she mentored and worked closely with Tera Warner, founder of Body Enlightenment: The World’s Healthiest Body and Lifestyle System, where she built online programs with some of her health heroes, hosted summits, workshops and retreats, as well as coached hundreds of brave and beautiful women in becoming healthier, shinier and more empowered versions of themselves. Alison believes that the foundation of all health is built on restoring trust in your gut – the health of what you are and the health of who you are. Through her workshops and mentoring she guides people back to themselves by clearing up the toxicity and confusion in health and relationships, and sharing the real goods on vibrant, empowered, healthy living.

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