Alison Elsberry

Alison Elsberry is the creator of Embodied Brilliance™, an innovative embodiment curriculum that helps nurture the authentic Soulful expression of children.

Her brilliance is in supporting kids to embody and express their Soul’s essence. Or in other words, to feel comfortable in their skin and at home in their body so their gifts are fully recognized, celebrated and deeply nourished, without having to hide, fit in or hold back their brilliance.

She loves helping parents, educators and youth professionals recognize a child’s unique quirks, emotions, sensitivities and intuitive abilities as clues to who they are and what they need. So they can better relate to the children they interact with and allow Love to guide the way.

Alison has 20 years of experience as a pediatric occupational therapist, intuitive energy healer and body worker supporting kids. And has supported thousands of children and families world-wide through her innovative courses and educational experiences.

She is the contributing author in the bestselling book Motherhood’s Not For Punks by Patrina Wisdom and has appeared as a guest on podcasts, radio and TV shows sharing new ways to support and educate our next generation of youth. Find out why major networks such as A&E Entertainment have sought her out for her unique wisdom.

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