AJ Hickling (Piano Busker)

Snippets from Aj’s street side “comments” book:
“I never knew I could fall in love with an instrument in the space of a few minutes. You’re obviously a master”
“I’ve heard people say music takes them to a different place but I never really experienced that myself, until I heard your music. I can’t even describe what that place is, all I know is time stops.”
From humbly offering up his music as a street performer, to playing in concert halls on the finest of instruments, Aj has enchanted his audiences, taking them on journeys of depth and sensitivity that are rare in todays fast paced world.
AJ has sold over 10000 CD’s, gone viral online, been featured by AirZealand, 100%Pure NZ, Good Morning Australia, Ferrari, a Chinese reality TV show and many more.
He has primarily graced the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, for the past 8 years, playing his original compositions on a specially adapted street piano which he lovingly restored. Busking has allowed him to make his music available to many people who would otherwise not experience it, and has revealed an almost universal appeal.
Music that frames the silence… inviting you to explore the outer limits of sensitivity, and experience how much beauty there can be in a single moment.

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